Learning Your New Surroundings


Learning, getting used to and loving your new surroundings is pivotal to your success in college. Having a good attitude and an open mind will be your first step in the right direction. See it all for what it is. An adventure! You’re far from your family, friends and the hometown you’ve likely been in all your life. This is your time to go out all by yourself and show the world what you’re made of.

When I first moved away from home and into my new college town, I made sure I’d know my new city like the back of my hand. So night by night I’d go out and map out a new part of the city.

I wanted nothing less than to be the guy who lived in a city for three years and only knew the same small handful of places. That just wasn’t a role I was willing to play. I wanted to be the guy who knew where the best of everything was. The best music venues, best clubs and best bars. I wasn’t even old enough to drink yet, but I would be eventually and I wanted to be ready when I was.

Knowing my new city also came with some social benefits. It was a way to insert myself into a conversation. Usually when there was a group of people talking about a certain place, I’d have the knowledge to give my input on the matter. I met a ton of people through conversations about the city.

Today nothing has changed. The minute I move into a new city, I slowly but surely try uncover all of its hidden gems. There is no downside to doing this. If you know where everything is, you’ll find places that are your style and that’s where you’ll find like minded people to connect with. You’ll only benefit from knowing where you live.


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