Helpful Money Saving Tips For Broke College Students


The holiday season is upon us and we understand how heavy Christmas and New Year celebrations can be in one’s pocket – especially students. College years are some of the most trying times in a student’s life; add all the Christmas shopping and New Year parties to it and what you get is an empty bank account before the winter break is over. However, shopping smart this holiday season and budgeting properly will not only save you money but it will, always get you through this academic year without having to consider stripping as an option. Make sure to add these useful saving tips to your New Year’s resolutions so that you don’t stray off-budget in 2017.

1. Buy Used Books

Who knew when you first enrolled in college that you would one day have to choose between buying that Chemistry book for the new course and skipping lunch for the next few weeks. Gladly you don’t have to stay hungry to save up for expensive books anymore. Since college students don’t need text books for more than a semester, there is no harm in buying a used copy of it or renting it for a few months until you need it. Considering that used textbooks cost less than half the price of new ones, you can make some serious savings just by getting your hands on an old copy.

2. Buy with Student Discounts

If you’re doing Christmas or New Year gift hunting for your dear ones, it’s always wiser to consider that as a student you are eligible for tonnes of discounts on products throughout the year. Make sure to do adequate research on stores that provide student discounts; many clothing brands such as Topshop and Missguided have over 20% discounts for students – pretty sweet right?

3. Buy in Bulk

Raid the grocery stores with your pal and make sure to get ample supply of food and other necessities to last for a week. Buying in bulk is always cheaper and can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Prepackaged snacks and non-food items that can last for months without expiring can definitely be bought in bulk from the local grocery store. Oh, and don’t forget to take those discount coupon clipping from local newspapers that you delivered for free. Every little thing helps.

4. Carpool with friends

Have we mentioned how much transportation costs can add up to your annual expenditure as a college student? Millennials from today’s age are always on the move, especially if they live far away from their educational institution. From trips to the grocery store to getting to parties on time, you may be spending more on gas than you think. One way to save money is on transportation is carpooling; make sure to tag some of your pals along with you the next time you have to go somewhere, this way you spend a fraction of a cost on gas; not to forget the bonding time that you would get with your friends while on the road.