Girl Discovers Mean Tweets From Roommate, Comes Up With A Genius Revenge Plan


We have heard all kinds of horrifying roommate stories but there’s always a new one immerging, more horrifying and entertaining than the last one. One such story is of a college freshman Jessy Jean who was put into a room in her college dorm with a roommate who turned out to be a monster.

Jessy met Nikki, her roommate, in the beginning to September last year when she enrolled in her new college in Wisconsin. At first, Nikki seemed like a very friendly girl and both roommates seemed to be getting along well together. After the first week of staying together in the dorms, Jessy started noticing slight changes in her roommate’s behaviour. Jessy was an extremely attractive and social girl who seemed to be the life of the party everywhere she went and somehow Nikki slowly became jealous of Jessy’s popularity in college. Jesse would stay out most nights with her cool girlfriends, flirt with boys at parties whereas Nikki had few, boring friends who were never invited to any college parties.

It all started when one night Jessy returned home late night, drunk and although she tried to be as quiet as she possibly could to avoid waking up her roommate who had gone to bed early, she tripped on an empty beer can and woke Nikki up with the loud rattling sound of the can. Nikki gave Jesse a look of deep dislike as the poor drunk girl tried to blurt out an apology for waking her up. Jesse had a feeling at that point that her roommate didn’t like her too much and although it was such a small incident, Nikki woke up the next day and gave Jesse a silent treatment the whole day.

That night while browsing through her tweets, Jessy stumbled upon her roommate’s account on twitter. Out of curiosity, Jesse went to her profile to see what she had been posting, and to her surprise, all of her recent tweets had been about Jessy! Of the many mean things that Nikki had written about her, a few of them read: “I’m da allergic to my roommate”, “My roommate situation is a horror story”, “Two weeks down and I already hate my roommate” and “I’m crying at the thought of having a good roommate.”

Jessy’s jaw dropped to the floor when she found out all the terrible things Nikki had been writing about her on social media and to give her a taste of her own medicine, Jessy came up with a genius revenge plan to get back at her evil roommate. One day she printed out all of the tweets and hung them up the wall of their room with nice floating hearts around them. When Nikki came back to her room she saw the tweets that she had made against Jessy, all hung up nicely on the wall. Embarrassed by what she had done, Nikki apologized to Jessy but it was too late; Jesse had already taken a photo of the tweets that she had hung up on the wall and posted them on twitter with a caption that read, “Today I found all the subtweets my roommate has made about me, so I printed them out and hung them up in our dorm.” More than 90,000 people retweeted Jesse’s tweet making their roommate brawn famous over social media.

Black students’ racist ad in search for a ‘non-white’ roommate sparks debate

Reports of racism against black students in educational institutions is no news to anyone and where such incidents make big headlines on social media, reports of black students making discrimination against the white folks, as unusual as they may be, should not be gone unnoticed either.

One such unusual incident occurred in Claremont College in California when three black students refused to live in the dorms with other white students saying that they don’t prefer socializing with white males. This group of student took to social media with their quest of looking for new roommates. In their request, they stated that they preferred staying with people of color, either Asians or Africans. The Facebook post went viral sparking a debate among some whether such discriminatory acts carried out by a minority group constitute as racism.

This also says something about how minority groups such as African Americans and homosexuals, afraid of being subject of discrimination, seek safe spaces in their institutions where they can surround themselves with others who are just like them; black or queer. In their Facebook post, the three students of the liberal arts school stated they were seeking a fourth roommate for a housing off-campus since they could not find their desired roommates in the college dorm. The Facebook ad stated ‘POC only’ referring to people of color which attracted the attention of other students on social media.

The ad gained popularity over the internet, being shared by several people and soon caught the eye of a local student newspaper company, Claremont Independent. The nest week the magazine published an article on the racist incident with bold headlines reading, “STUDENTS AT CLAREMONT COLLEGES REFUSE TO LIVE WITH WHITE PEOPLE.” This article spread like fire among the colleges in the state and mainstream media outlets across the country sparking a concern on what students of color have to face in their institutions to come to a point where they cannot bear to live with the ordinary white citizens. Some however claimed that such acts constitute as racism and should be called as such.

The controversial post had been blown so out of proportion that the 3 students who had originally stirred up the controversy had to defend themselves against the hatred they were receiving over social media. A black student at Pitzer College was quick to defend his fellow African Americans by posting a response saying, “Students of color should have the right to create spaces where they feel comfortable on campus and off campus. It’s all about living in solidarity with others without the judgment and racism that they face on a daily basis.”

Some argued that it was crucial for the black people at educational institutions where they are extremely underrepresented, to surround themselves with people from other minority groups creating a safe space for each other, while others said that this unusual request of “POC” was a type of reverse racism against white people.

Girl discovers mean tweets from roommate, comes up with a genius revenge plan