Essentials For Your First Day of School


So your first day of school is coming up and you’re wondering what you’ll need in your backpack. What are some essential tools you’ll need for class. This isn’t high school anymore, you’re in the big leagues now. The last thing you want to do is show up without a pencil or without any paper. This won’t be viewed as something passive in college, you’ll get judge by your fellow students here.

Truth be told you don’t need to be overtly prepared for college on the first day. I’d say that the most important things you’ll need for the run of the mill class lecture is a pen and notepad. Note taking is everything here. You don’t need to show up with a pair of scissors and a giant binder. It just isn’t a thing.

If you need any additional materials for class the professor will let you know on the first day. Likely it will just be books for the most part. College is nothing like high school. Six classes in one day can lead to back problems. In college you’ll max have to carry two books, a notepad or two and maybe an extra pen.

Don’t worry too much about what you have to bring to class on the first day of school. The most important thing is to bring money for the books. Without the required reading your semester can be so much more turbulent than it has to be. Note taking is a must on the first day. You need the names of books, times and other things. Above all, make sure you have something to take notes on.