The Dangers of Energy Drinks


College can be quite the handful. You have spend hours in class a day, do homework and study. That isn’t the half of it. Between study sessions there will be dates and hang outs. You’ll soon find yourself wiped out. Many students keep themselves preppy by consuming energy drinks. They are a huge hit amongst college students and they are also extremely dangerous. Put down that can of Monster and find out why.

Recent studies have shown that drinking energy drinks can cause a QTc interval. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a sign of abnormal heart rhythm. If you find yourself plagued with migraines and headaches chances are your drinking energy drinks on a regular basis. Seeing as these drinks are pumped with more sugar than a cola and way more caffeine than a cup of coffee, suddenly stopping can lead to caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

If you are prone to anxiety attacks. Drinking these drinks will increase your risk of attacks. They will increase your stress. Energy drinks will also raise your blood pressure and put you at risk for diabetes. Sure they’ll give you that extra boost of life you need, but they are really stealing from your reserves as they are really taking it to your health.

You don’t need to suck down this liquid poison, instead opt for something far more normal, like coffee. You couldn’t give yourself a better gift than a nice cup of coffee. Also, eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give you that boost of energy you crave throughout the day. Exercise will always give you a huge boost of energy. Start your day off with a good meal and a trip to the gym and you can kiss energy drinks goodbye forever.

Since the year 2004, over 40 individuals have died due to consuming energy drinks. This isn’t a pretty way to go. It slowly breaks down your body by pushing it into overdrive. It isn’t smart to consume such drinks.