Common Mistakes Made By College Freshman


The first semester of college can be a tricky one. Luckily for me I had my older brother to guide me and tell me what kind of mistakes not to me. He assured me college life was serious one and I wouldn’t go far if I screwed around like I did in high school. My two best friends went to college with me and unfortunately they made all the rookie mistakes. It tore apart their first semester and both eventually ended up dropping out.

Whenever they had problems they’d refuse to talk to their professors. They’d get lost on assignments and end up handing in low quality work. One should know that if their is a misunderstand, they can always turn to college professor to help. It is their job to explain things to you in a way you’d understand.

Feeling that freedom one would never get in high school, my friends would also cut class quite frequently. It was a shock when I passed a test that I would have otherwise failed back in my high school days. When my best friend failed the test I passed I felt so shocked. Through high school he was always praised by teachers.

Another thing that can screw you up during your first semester is procrastination. My best would frequently put off studying, going to class and would use every excuse in the book to justify his actions. It was tough to watch. It was these mistakes made by him as a freshman that would follow him through his college career.

The failing grades was a big shame on his part and he began to distance himself from the school. During his last semester he’d take two classes and go straight home. Eventually he just dropped out and ended up at a call center. His dreams of becoming a film director were squashed forever.