Campus Safety


The campus grounds aren’t usually associated with danger, yet it does happen. People are stalked, touched and even assaulted when fights breakout. You can get caught up in a protest that ends in assault. College is also a place where emails are passed around and Facebooks are exchanged with anyone and everyone.This kind of thing can end in online bullying. Your whole life can turn into a horror by committing the smallest mistakes.

Campus and Social Safety

One in every five women is sexually assaulted before she graduates from school. That’s a lot of women out there. Make sure you keep you eyes open for any suspicious behavior from your male friends. Nine out of ten women are assaulted by people they know. That means a friend. Check for any sneak behavior coming from someone. Make sure you keep your other friends informed about this person.

Party Safety

Parties can be a complete blast, yet they can also be a place of extreme violation. Make sure that your girls have your back and vise versa. Don’t drink too much, don’t go too extreme and never follow a guy into a hidden nook. When you see that a friend is having an awkward conversation with someone who might be just a little too aggressive, get into the middle of it. Plan it all out.

Online Safety

Facebook is a big deal. Future employees will look at it so they can see how you live your life, family members and friends from all over the world will keep in touch with you through and its ever growing. If you aren’t smart, it can easily be hacked or you can be stalked. Either way, it’s a sure way to lodge your life into an unpleasant fix.

Before adding any or accepting any friend request, make sure that you know and trust them to a certain extent. Be choosey. Online dating is also huge these days. Before you meet up with any strangers, make sure you choose the place and that its very public.