Beware The Dormitory Showers


College living quarters can be exceptionally dirty and it makes total sense. You have a bunch of kids who’ve had their parents picking up after them for ten years all living under the same roof. That said, some places are definitely worse off than others. Take for instance the communal showers and the communal toilets found in the dorm areas. These are truly the places that nightmares are made of.

The dorm room shower is practically the breeding ground for foot diseases of all kinds. That said, you’d be crazy not to wear some flip flops when you shower in there. Athletes food, fungus and rashes will wreck your feet if you don’t. This cheap investment will save you hundreds in medical bills.

When it comes to the public toilets, you should always have toilet seat protectors or at least make your own with the toilet paper inside. With hundreds of people using the same bathroom things can be bad even if they don’t look it. Take not that it’s always important to wash your hands. Some people don’t and they are touching everything. Even the door handles can be a threat.

When it comes to your dorm room, it is completely up to you and your roommate to keep things clean. Although your friend’s dorm is probably filled with bacteria so watch out when stepping into their little home. These dorms are easy to let go of and let go to pieces. You’ve seen this, I’ve seen this, we’ve all seen this happen.

These little illnesses hanging around in your communal showers can go a long, long way. You’ve got to protect yourself otherwise a common cold and can turn into something a lot worse. Infection or bed bug infestation. Be aware.