Beating the Nightmare That is Public Transport


One of the hardest parts about going to school is the commute there. If you don’t have a car, you’ll end up stranded taking a bus or train. Sometimes the commute is manageable half hour, other times you’ll find yourself sitting there for an hour or even more. The homeless people, the obnoxious talkers and the guy who plays his music at the highest volume can all be a source of torture.  Let’s not forget to mention traffic which can make you late and expand your time with these loud individuals.

Although it isn’t ever going to be as pleasant as riding first class of 747, it can be less horrible and even productive. Here’s what you can do. Instead of just sitting there and looking out the window or growing bitter watching the people around you, do some work. Public transport is a perfect place to study or do homework. It also gives you more free time when you’re off the bus and out of school.

Catch up on reading. A lot of people can’t be bothered to pick up a book. They’d rather delve into Netflix. Use your time on the bus to escape mentally through an amazing story. Soon it’ll be like you aren’t on the bus at all. Alternatively, you can use your time on public transport to catch up on that show you love.

Podcast are also a good way to kill sometime. Nothing like some good humor to drown out all the negativity surrounding you. There are millions of great podcast out there on a million different subjects. You can get educated, get a laugh or just listen to show about your favorite show. You can also use your time on public transport to practice that hoppy of yours. You can even practice a new language.

As you can see, public transportation doesn’t have to be the downside of your day. With some creativity and imagination, you can actually make it one of the most productive moments.