A Poor Student’s Gift Guide For This Holiday Season


Christmas is a time of celebration for most but not for the poor, struggling college students who have to make room for gift hunting and Christmas shopping in their already small budget. We understand that it’s important to show your loved ones that you care about them by giving them thoughtful presents over the holiday season, but exactly how does a poor student manage to buy gifts for friends and family when bank balance is at all-time low. Luckily you can get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season and buy some presents for your favorite people without having to break the bank. Here are some affordable gift ideas that your family and friends will absolutely adore all while keeping your pocket from getting too light.

1. Use Your Talent

Everyone has some kind of talent that could be put to good use this holiday season in coming up with creative and unique gift ideas. It may seem convenient to buy a present from the store but nothing says love and thoughtfulness like a unique present with your personal touch in it. So whether it’s pottery or painting that you are good at, get creative and try to custom-make your own presents for this holiday season. Not only will you be saving up of money in doing so, but you will also get tonnes of praises for your thoughtful presents!

2. Size is Not Everything

You’ve got your eyes on a chic pair of earrings for your mother that you can easily afford but you are scared that they may be too small in size to constitute as a present, but guess what – it’s always the thoughtfulness behind the act of giving presents that really matters, not the size. Your presents don’t necessarily have to be large and expensive in order to be memorable. Spend some time in the shopping malls around you to dig up some great items that can easily fit your budget and that your family would appreciate as well. Small heartfelt gifts like your dad’s favorite music CD for his car or a pretty necklace for your mom don’t have to cost a fortune and will definitely win everyone’s hearts.

3. Recreate a Memory

Presents don’t necessarily have to come in big boxes and shiny wrappings and they don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. In some cases, they don’t have to cost a dime. For example you may choose to make a great Christmas memory with your loved ones by recreating a great experience that you may have had with them in the past. Remember the hunting trip that you had with your father while you were young? You could recreate the memorable experience by planning a trip to the same location that you went to in the past; or a memorable song that you and your significant other danced to for the first time.