Dealing With Depression in College


College isn’t all wild parties, flings and fun. It can get pretty tough. Between heartbreak, studies and your social life, you can feel pretty overwhelmed and can slip into burnout and depression. Yet, for one student the school isn’t going to pause, your professor isn’t going to drop everything and put the workload on hold for you. The work is going to keep coming and you got to just manage or drop the class. It’s hard, but can be made easier by following these tips.

  • Mood Journal – When you feel you’ve reached the breaking point, quickly rip out a notepad and start writing about what’s bringing you down. Just writing it down and getting out will help sway the stress. It isn’t going to cure your depression but it will relieve.
  • Exercise – Going to the gym, running around the campus or swimming can do you wonders in time of depression. Even yoga can be a great help in relieving your symptoms of depression. You’re out there feeling sad and negative and exercise is just the positive you need to feel a bit more uplifted.
  • Group Therapy – Group therapy would be the best form of therapy for any young person. You’re feeling down and you need to talk about it and if you can talk about it with people going through the same thing that’s a major plus.
  • Break Your Routine – When suffering from depression you feel fragile and almost fearful to go out and face society. My advice is to challenge those negative feelings. Even if you don’t feel like going out, go out and try to have a fun time. Doing so is the perfect way to get ahead of your sadness. Have fun!
  • Change Your Diet – Eating healthy will make you feel more alive in healthy. Eating a lot of grease and fats will make you feel just like that, greasy and fat. If you eat well, you’ll feel well. Plus foods like cashews and dark chocolate are great to take away stress.

All these won’t exactly cure your depression right off the bat, but it’s a start. The deeper root of the problem is your current life, what’s in it or what it lacks. You need to make major life changes. Sometimes you can do that right away, so in the meantime, these things will help you push on.

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