5 People to Avoid on College Campus


You’re new to college and thus you’re very vulnerable to get sucked into anyones group or wind up as a lackey to a seriously strange individual. Thankfully, this article is here to guide you away from the annoying and twisted and keep you on the path that provides the least social bumps. It is all smooth sailing from here.

The Jesus Guy
You’ll often see him in the center of the quad screaming into a microphone that you’ll go to hell if you don’t accept Jesus. He’ll usually hold a sign saying the same thing along with slanders towards sinners of all kinds. Stay away from this guy. You’ll see other students trying to engage him in an argument that will never end. My advice is to just keep a distance and keep walking. There is no point in talking to him.

The Victim
You’ll rarely ever see them at a point of zero complaint. Whether it be a bad grade, a relationship gone bad, a broke down car or whatever, these people will always find someone to blame for their lack of responsibility. The world is against them and by hanging with them they’ll only drag you down. There are a number of students like this. Save yourself the agony and walk on by.

The Guy With The Acoustic Guitar
Nobody out there needs the world’s attention quite as bad as this guy. If you’re walking with your friends and see him around the corner, take a detour. Someone is bound to get caught up in his web and suddenly the person you were talking with will join the small, sad circle around him as he belts out some old Beatles song. This is the guy at the party that will bust out his guitar when he feels like he isn’t getting any attention.

The Arguing Couple
They have few moments of pleasantness between arguments that end in someone walking away while the other apologizes for them. The whole table sit awkwardly afterwards. They’ll surely take the good vibes of the day and destroy them. You don’t want to have to the awkward friend who has to sit there before it.

If you like having an opinion on anything, stay away from these people. They aren’t enjoying life unless they have something to be angry about, so if you catch them in a moment of calm, your head might just be the one they bite off. With hair short or likely colored, you can easily spot them. It’s highly recommended you stay away from this person.