5 Books Every College Student Must Read


College is a huge milestone in the lives of so many. It marks your first time going at it alone the in the world. That said, you also experience true freedom for the first time. You have no parents bugging you, no bedtime and no restrictions. You’re truly an adult in the adult world and that adult world is going to bring you tons of experiences. Here are five books every college student should read. They’ll either feel relatable or inspire you.


Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood

There probably isn’t another book the captures the college experience quite as well as Norwegian Wood does. Between its covers is a story of young student’s love for a mentally ill girl. It affects his studies and puts his life in a whirlwind. Story aside, this book captures what is to be a young adult in a world which feels new and filled with fresh experiences. Haruki Murakami has published a ton of amazing novels, but Norwegian Wood is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.


Jack Kerouac’s On The Road
Though the main character, Sal Paradise is twenty seven in the novel, it’s perfect for a college read. This books shows you just how capable and young you really are. Anything is possible when you have your health, your youth and little bit of courage. If you’re in your early twenties, this book will be a sure inspiration for you.


Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild
This is a book perhaps only a college student can appreciate from the view of the main character. Christopher McCandless was a fresh college graduate who had family issues and decided to take to the nature and experience the real America. It’s an amazing tale, yet as you grow into adulthood, it comes across as much more of a tragedy and less of an inspiring tale of adventure.


Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast
College in itself can be described as a moveable feast. You’re coming from a smaller world and in college things are opened up and you’re out meeting an array of new characters, brights ones like you’ve never met in your teenage years. A Moveable Feast is about Hemingway in his twenties and the array of characters he meets in 1920’s Paris as he work toward being a published author.


Tania Aebi’s Maiden Voyage
Tania Aebi is the youngest woman to ever sail around the world. She was 18 at the time and did so via the words of her father. This true story isn’t just about sailing, but it is about an 18 year old girl discover the world and humanity for the first time. It’s full of teen angst, first loves and self discovery. It’s a lot like college.