3 Stages of College Life


If the masses could speak in a single voice, they’d probably all announce that college was one of the best periods of their life. It comes at such a peak in person life. Things are changing and the mind is evolving. You’ll enter that dorm room a mere child and walk out into the world in the form of an adult. It’s the bridge between those two worlds. Between the crossing you’ll go through three phases. Here we go.

College Childhood
These are your childhood years of college Everything is new and beyond exciting. Everything is fresh and complete wonder. Eating in the cafe, studying, sitting in your dorm and even being class is a complete joy. Every moment comes across as a perfect one. You have all this freedom that you’ve never had and you’re like a wild animal in the civil world. This is when you’ll go a little overboard on everything. You’ll make some mistakes, make a mess of yourself and overall learn from those messes.

College Adulthood
It’s about half way through your college career that you finally start to learn and take things more easier. You aren’t fresh anymore and nobody has to explain things to you. You have mastered the campus. Also, by this point you can see that in the future you’ll be leaving this place and you’re working quite seriously towards it. This means taking classes you don’t like and studying hard for them. You are party still, but more responsibly.

College Senior
The enthusiasm is gone. At this point you’re just going through the motions and almost uninvolved with campus life. You’re drawn to the future and begin living for it. Everything you do there, you may be doing for the last time. This means lots of on campus nostalgia. You’ll take moments to think back to your early years and miss that freshness that no longer exist. You’ll pass the classes and walk silently into the adult world.